Anne Clark

Co Founder / Spiritualist Medium / Shamanic Witch

Hiya I love working with spirit both on the paranormal and spiritual level 😁I also love teaching my students and watch them grow. I have had some of my most scariest experiences with the group and look forward to every one of them . 😁

Allan Clark

Co Founder , Sensitive , First aider

hi guys , I love working with the group and like to keep them all on their toes . I’m the one in the background that’s quiet 😂 to set up the equipment , cameras and trigger alarms . Spirit always want to hurt me on every event yet I really don’t know why 😇 I’m also the driver and very sensitive to spirit so can communicate with them

Helene Hewitt

First aider, sensitive and paranormal investigator

I am Helene Hewitt and I have been with the team for over 4 years, I'm a first aider and a reiki 2, I dabble in mediumship but have loads to learn yet, I'm horse and animal daft 🐴 and a keen martial artist and hope to achieve my black belt soon 🥋😁

Bert Murray

Paranormal investigator

Bert loves the paranormal and loves meeting new guests. Very chatty and humorous.. he also sits in circle so is learning to communicate with spirit 

Jamie Chisholm

Paranormal Investigator

Jamie is our youngest group member. He enjoys the experiences on events and also loves learning how to work with spirit at different venues.

Ryan Kidd

Paranormal investigatior

Lillian Ryde Sharp

Paranormal Investigator

Jessica Clark

Trainee Medium and Paranormal Investigator

Hiya I have been with ghostseekers scotland for around a year and a half and love the experiences on event’s . 😇

Jasmine Clark

Trainee Medium and investigator

My names Jasmine and ive been apart of the team for 3 years now. ​😁 I am a Reiki 2 practitioner and also learning and developing my mediumship. ❤️

Lynn McCall

Trainee Medium , First aider and Paranormal Investigator

Hiya I am Lynn McCall , I have been a team member for just over a year now and have been going on events with the team for about 5 years now. I am also one of the first aiders within the team 🩺 I am also reiki level 1 and 2 trained and learning and developing my mediumship. 😁