Ghostseekers Scotland look forward to greeting you at the venue where you are taken to our meeting point .
introduction to the team and venue staff
the event is opened with protection
  • A walk around the venue to all areas we have access too while our medium picks out the hot spots and active areas to return too 
  • dividing into smaller groups around the venue to conduct experiments which we fully encourage you to take part in and ask spirit questions .
  • Spirit board or better known as the Ouija Board when permission is granted from the venue 
  • evp , spirit box and echobox 
  • spirit writer 
  • table tipping 
  • lone vigils 
  • sls camera or known as the stickman
  • human pendulum 
  • seances 
  • trance mediumship may occur 
  • a chance to ask questions throughout the evening

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