Please read our terms and conditions so we can ensure all guests a safe and enjoyable event

Any information shown on our website will be kept up to date .
Anyone behaving in an offensive or inappropriate manor , they will be removed from the event with no refund given 

For safety reasons consumption of alcohol or drugs is not permitted on our events. Anyone we suspect may be taking drugs or alcohol will be removed from the venue with no refund given.

We do not recommend our events if you are pregnant or have any serious health issues . If in doubt please contact us 

You are responsible for your own actions , no liability will be accepted by Ghostseekers Scotland for any injury or damage to any person or property .

Guests must be over 18.

Ghostseekers Scotland reserve the right to reschedule , amend , change the location or cancel any of our events without prior notice . In the event of cancellation an alternative event may be booked or a full refund will be given excluding any postage charges. Ghostseekers Scotland will not be held reliable for any other costs occurred by you eg travel costs , accommodation costs except with ghost hunt included .

All information regarding alleged paranormal activity at each location is correct to the best of our knowledge. We do not under any circumstances fabricate or use misleading information regarding paranormal activity at any of our locations , however we cannot give any guarantee any paranormal activity to take place during the event.
Deposits and any monies paid are non refundable if you don’t show.

Tickets purchased can be transferred to a different event if requested by contacting us .
We do ask all our guests to fully respect spirit and staff on all events thank you.

Our events are for entertainment purposes only